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Josie Kuhn is an International recording artist in the Americana/Tex-Mex genre. Called “One of the leading ladies of the American movement”, (Maverick Magazine), she has seven CD’s to her credit and a fan base around the world.

   Josie has toured Europe extensively, solo, or with her trio, the Two Hawks band, (Ian Boelens and Ed Simpson Baike),  and has shared the stage with the late Rick Danko, (of the band), Albert Lee, (who also plays on 8 tracks of her CD, (“La Luna Loca”), and has opened for the Mavericks, Emmy lou Harris, Willie Nelson, Steve Forbert,  and many others.

   Josie’s lyrics  range from Native American protest songs, ( Here on the Res), immigration, (Coyote), child abuse, (Footsteps Down the Hall), climate change, (Hell or Highwater), to an occasional love song. Her melodies are infectious and will remain with you long after the curtain has closed.


Catalina Cruz is the Tex-Mex/Norteno inspired band made up of Josie Kuhn (vocals/guitars), Michael Webb,(accordion), Daniel Seymour,(uprightbass),and Pat McInerney, (drums/percussion). Their lively, uptempo performances are delighting audiences and gaining a vast fan base. “Coyote” is their new single just released. 


The new video, “Coyote”, by Catalina Cruz, is now on Youtube. The song was written by Josie Kuhn and produced by Michael Webb. It is the story of an aging *good* coyote that has spent his life helping immigrants cross the border. Trusted and revered by the Mexican people, he has never been caught, due to his ability to shape shift into a coyote when the militiamen are closing in. Filmed in the wilds of New Mexico by Josie Kuhn, and Nashville, by Duende Vision, (who also produced the video).

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